SIDESHOW - an event hosted by Loose Blues

Celebrating counter-culture. Inspired by the alternative.

Sideshow - a provocative new party that celebrates counter-culture, with a genuine approach to excellent music. A social networking event inspired by food, fashion, music and art.

The first event at Yuyu (20-02-2020) featured a hybrid sound of techno house breaks and disco sounds from Japanese DJ’s, DJ Mustache X and YOUFORGOT.

Mustache X, makes music inspired by his fashion brand SOFTMACHINE, stating “Style and music are inextricably linked with each other.” His popularity stems from a charismatic character and unique DJ style, embracing cutting edge with his aesthetic. He is the one of core members of Fake Eyes Production which has given birth to ShigeoJD (ex.SBK, TheSAMOS, ATOM ON SPHERE, mold) and DJ MAAR (ex.DEXPISTOLS). He also produces the events of many famous Japanese DJs like CHIDA, OSAMU M, and ELLI ARAKAWA. Mustache X on #SoundCloud

YOUFORGOT (UGFY / Fake Eyes Production) has been an active member of the artist collective “UGFY” since 2015. A vinyl music man who crosses over 90's HIPHOP and Detroit Chicago House, and obscure raw sounds such as techno, hip hop, jazz, and rare grooves. He heads UGFY Records with Tokyo-based truck maker Yuji Namiki. In recent years, he has expanded his activities to large outdoor festivals, such as “FESTIVAL de FRUE” and “FUJI & SUN'19”, which transcend the boundaries of generations and genres. He is a member of "Fake Eyes Production", a variable creation project by ShigeoJD (The Samos), DJ MAAR and Mustache X. YOUFORGOT on #SoundCloud

Event photos by talented Michael Luppi



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