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“This too shall pass”

Edward Fitzgerald.

 #PermanecerSiempre is how we resist. We’re a group of people active in local culture in Colonia Juárez’s Plaza Washington, one of Mexico City’s most emblematic corners. In total, we’re a family of 31 workers looking for a way through the challenges that we’re all facing these days.

We all started the businesses of our dreams, and we’re doing our part during this emergency, but the economic consequences of this pandemic could be fatal for our small businesses. We’re fighting to maintain the working conditions that we have worked to create for everyone in this big family, and we’re asking for your support in order to guarantee the survival of our dream of offering an alternative space in the city, full of art and culture.

Your support for our collective effort is crucial. Whether it’s by donating an amount that you can afford, giving us a mention on social media, or by recommending our products and services, we would greatly appreciate any help you can give.  

We’ve come up with some great ways to show our gratitude for your contributions that combine our family’s talents. If the difficult times we find ourselves in make it impossible for you to contribute with a donation, please spread the word. Recommend us to friends and family or share this campaign on your social media accounts. Though it may not seem like much, this support is invaluable for us and it’s more than enough.


No one is alone in this. No one. An important part of #PermancerSiempre is working with brother and sister projects that need our help now. That’s why we’ve included As de Paz, who will produce a series of "Permanecer Siempre" T-shirts and "Permanecer Siempre" tote bags 100% made in Mexico, SARA (Sociedad Anónima de Reproducción Autogestiva) will make “Gracias por permanecer” postcards, tattoo artist Geo Horio will adorn your body with the design of your choice, and Shota Kimura will donate original pieces of art that symbolize your valuable contribution to our effort.

Your valuable contribution will allow these spaces to continue to exist and support our efforts to offer alternative proposals to our friends and customers, enriching life in our city.

¡Gracias! Thank you! ¡Merci! ¡Arigatou! Danke schön! Grazzie!



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