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"Flash" is the term for tattoo designs set on paper. Patrons use it to choose tattoos. Artists use it as a way to showcase their designs and give patrons ideas of what they want tattooed. And it's how Sailor Jerry's legacy is preserved. These are some pieces of Sailor Jerry flash art. via Sailor Jerry

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Loose Blues is a vintage-inspired concept shop for both men and women located in Mexico City. Since 2013, we have been proud to offer timelessly designed garments of the highest quality from Japan, the US, and Mexico, made to last forever. Our brands for men have elements of tattoo, motorcycle, and vintage cultures. For women, the selection is inspired by a tomboyish style mixed with a touch of elegance and femininity. We also sell select antiques, vinyl records, artwork from renowned local and international artists, and interior design products. In our Restaurant (above the store), we serve a delicious fusion of cuisines from around the world including Japanese, Indian, and American influences. It is a relaxed and comfortable space for...

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