Gramo Eyewear

Gramo: Brand of glasses; the first one to be designed in Mexico and produced in Japan. A Mexican brand that reflects the dedication and commitment that our ancestors had with vision and does justice to a family legacy that fills us with pride. This is also a brand that celebrates the Japanese tradition of perfect manufacture.
Implicit in Japanese manufacturing is a commitment to perfection, quality and attention to detail. Lenses are no exception. In Fukui Prefecture, Japanese craftsmen have been training in this craft since the first lens factories and workshops were established in 1905. Over the course of a century, the knowledge, technique, design, and expertise in the trade have been forged and passed on from generation to generation.
Commissioning Gramo to this ancestral heritage ensures the quality and precision of our saddles in a fair trade model, respectful and free of exploitation, which enriches the cultural ties and exchanges between Mexico and Japan.